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The 6 Remix: Olive Green Pants Collaboration styled for Winter.

The 6 Remix is a way for me to remix my closet, every month on the 6th. I choose six pieces to remix into 6 different Outfits (not including Shoes or Accessories) or I choose one piece and style it 6 different ways. I skipped it last month due to being super busy after the Holiday season, while back on November 6th last Fall I had INGE of This Ever Evolving Life sub for me since I was flying from US to Europe and I had her do a Guest Post. She did such a great job that I asked her to join me again this month. 

We both own some Olive Green, Skinny Pants and I thought it was a great idea for us to remix them into 3 Casual Outfits & 3 Dressy Outfits. Inge, even remixed these same Pants when she did the 6 Remix for me. Since she is the Queen of Casual Chic, she put together 2 Casual Outfits and 1 Dressy one, while I did the opposite, today. We have also collaborated before styling our Tribal Old Navy Shorts. And, because Inge is such an inspiration to me, I even pinned and re-did a lo…