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Neutrals, Floral, Baby in Jeans and (Sun)Shine.

Shine Bright like a Diamond - this is the first song that greeted me this morning, in 2 versions: the original one by Rihanna as well as the version sang by 3 Albanian Singers. Just moments later, I happened to hear the song "Shine" an English song sung by an Albanian Singer. And I guess that was the 'theme of the day' because the sun decided to shine bright & happy today and the temperatures went as high as 77 degrees. That called for a Skirt with Bare legs & lighter layers of clothing on the baby, too. =)

This outfit is the result of two items that hadn't been worn in a long, long time. Do you buy clothes that you love at the time of the purchase and then never wear them or wear them years after you got them or totally forget about them? Yeah?! Me too. =D Both the button-down & Skirt are from Express & both have been in my closet for about 6-7 years. I have worn the Skirt more than the top actually though the top is in a Classic Style & Neut…