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Skinny Black and Purple Plaid.

A year ago, on November 17th 2011, I landed at "Mother Theresa" Airport in Tirana, Albania. This would be my new place of living (and learning and changing, and so many other things...) at least for the time being. My husband had been there a long while before I arrived and even gotten a job and got us an apartment which he furnished simply, with the help of his parents. See, I had lived in USA for the past 15 years and now that it is Thanksgiving time, I really do miss it, especially since it has been a year. I cannot believe this is the second Thanksgiving and Black Friday I will be away from USA. I love Black Fridays like any fashionista and style person would. Let me explain, I love the sales, the deals and the coupons, but of course don't care for the crazy rush, the insane amount of people, the super busy day with lines of people by the fitting rooms and cash registers. I can do without those. Anyway, just a year later and my life has already changed A TON!! I got …