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Watercolor Blazer and Mini Sheath.

So, I guess I jinxed us. I mentioned yesterday that it has been pretty warm here considering that it is the middle of November. Yes, we were wearing layers but weren't bundled up like Eskimos or anything lol. Well today IRL I am wearing a Turtleneck Sweater, Heavy Puffer Coat and Pants because it cooled down a lot. But, the Outfit I am showing is from a week ago, last Friday. That's all I wore both outside and inside. It was a very important work day for me and I also went at the museum for a book promotion (work-related) so I dressed up a bit.
I feel like a Blazer dresses up even the simplest, most Casual Outfit. It is definitely a work-horse in a business/professional setting or an office. And I love my Blazers. Plus, it's still Blazers Week at Andi's Blog so join her. This is another New Blazer from H&M. I have worn it several times already and I am glad it finally made it to the blog. I paid 30 bucks for it and it was well-spent. This one is Navy+White in a Wat…