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Thursday Moda #173: Movie Dates with Vivian and a Dose of Stars.

Even as a kid I have never been into cartoons, animated movies/series, doll-like movies and such. But, since having a kid of my own, in the last couple of years especially, I have come to appreciate ALL Children's Movies, including animated ones. Actually some of those I have preferred more than movies with real humans lol. Such was the case for "The Secret Life of Pets" which we watched with Vivian last night, and loved it. The outfits from today's post are from our movie night together last night, which ended with Coldstone Ice-Cream for dessert. I ordered (for the first time ever) the Strawberry Blondie: it was a delicious goodness of strawberry ice-cream all mushed with real strawberries and gooey caramel in a yummy waffle cone! It was the perfect ending - since it was in the 80s too - to an amazing Movie Date Night with Vivian and let me tell you, her and I both loved "The Secret Lives of Pets 2" though we never saw the first one, but that is something…