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Summer Beach Vacation 2014 - Part One.

The last couple of days have been filled with sunsets, sea waves, walks on the beach, great food, good espresso cups just footsteps away from the sea, sunburn, happiness, joy, toddler's laughter, first time experiences, lots of exhaustion and mosquito bites, too. But they have been perfect despite the red skin and getting tired. And there is more to come. A second beach getaway is planned for early September and we cannot wait.
I just uploaded our photos on my lap-top, so let me share a bunch of them with you.  Let me take you through a short photo journey through our mini beach Summer getaway. What have you been up to this Summer? Have you gone to the sea or to the ocean?

Well, we took over 120 pictures so far and selecting 30+ was hard. This post was photo-heavy but I hope you enjoyed it. I will be back to a regular OOTD posting tomorrow on Monday with another remix, "A Mom Wear to Work Wear" challenge. Have a Great Sunday Evening!!

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