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December's Top 3.

I know it's the middle of the month and this Top Looks post is coming late, but between catching up with the Holidays and getting in several posts of my Best Looks of 2013 Fashion Resume (last week), this is a little later than usual. But I have enjoyed doing this for 2013 and will continue to reflect on my Favorite Outfits each month, on 2014. So, finally I bring my Favorites for December 2013.

Last month I showed you a bunch of Holiday Outfits, including Fancy Skirts and Dresses. Red was the Color I wore the most, of course. I also wore a lot of Heels and Stilettos - Red, as well. You saw some of my Evening Clutches and a lot of New Clothes including a bunch of Holiday Sweaters and the Black+White, Geometric, Skinny Pants that I styled 6 different times. And - not fashion-related - you saw My Christmas Tree a lot, as well, last month. I showed you at least 35 Outfits in December. Narrowing it down to 8 of them was tough.

As usual, the first 3 Looks appear in the order that I like …