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White Lace Dress and Denim Vest.

Two items I wanted to fill my closet with were a White or Off-White Sleeveless Lace Dress for the Summer, preferably in a Fit+Flare silhouette and a Denim Vest or Denim Jacket without sleeves - however you want to call it. Fortunately, I found both just how I liked them and they were given to me courtesy of two local boutiques. IRL I have worn the Vest at least a dozen times already, but it finally made its appearance on the blog. And I have worn the Lace Dress once more too. The Denim Vest has the perfect Medium Wash Blue, very similar to my H+M Denim Jacket, while the Dress is a Fit+Flare in an Off-White or Ivory Color and the Lace Pattern is big, plus it has a thick lining underneath which makes it more modest and a year-around Dress for the win. I loved wearing the two together on a day with temperatures of high 70s so I wasn't sweating. I think if I would have added some Red Shoes or Red Sandals, this would have been a perfectly Patriotic Outfit, no? What do you think of pair…