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Three of the Same. (Casual Outfits).

I have mentioned in a few posts that we have had a very cold Winter this past (or not so past) season in Albania. I have also mentioned in a couple posts like here and also here that I have worn a lot of thick leggings and long sweaters (mostly cardigan sweaters) especially on my days off, running errands, having a cup of coffee with a friend, etc. I have also worn leggings with a long sweater or warm tunic - dressed them up a little - to work.

You guys also know that towards the end of February my laptop was broken. My husband didn't even have time to look at it till two weeks ago. We had to order a part for it from the manufacturer. I can happily & proudily say that today I am FINALLY typing this blog from my own laptop (well ours). Therefore I didn't post much in February or March at all, so I have a ton of OOTDs to show you. In this post, I decided to group together 3 similar outfits and have you take a peek at my casual "winter uniform" of this past wintery,…