Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reflections of the past 9 months of 2010. =)

So, yesterday and today it was back to 60-s and up to 70 Degrees in Michigan (Fernhait, of course.) Two beautiful, warm & sunny days in a row. Lucky Us!! But I have bad news for you (at least according to the weather reports), it's about to be a chilly, cool weekend with temps dropping to low 50s and even 40s at night. As I write this (and I have talked about the weather thus far) a famous saying about the weather comes to mind. Someone once said "9 out of 10 people wouldn't be able to start a conversation if the weather did not change." I don't know about you but this is so very true. We talk about weather a lot, from small talk and water cooler conversations to conversations we mediate between our minds and bodies in front of the mirror every day for what we decide to wear. See, the weather is definitely a huge factor that weighs in, on our decision. Somehow, the weather decides for us whether we should wear something or not.

But I don't want to make this conversation JUST ABOUT THE WEATHER. Today I am off and despite the fact that I am wearing Gray - the most stylish IN color of this Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Season - I feel anything but. I am wearing a very stylish and cozy Gray & White Stripped Long Cardigan, with a beautiful Darker Gray Tank featuring a Ruffled Black Collar, Charcoal Gray Skinny Pants and a pair of the Most Comfortable, Black Leather Slides, featuring little crystals. However, there are no photos from today or from this outfit. As I have mentioned at a previous post, I don't take pictures of my outfits every day because I don't have such a time luxury and also my husband is currently out of the country for work (so I have to depend on other people for taking my pictures and staying after my wishes & likes.) But I will let your imagination do the best of you and I'll let you picture this outfit which I promise is as elegant and chic as it is casual and comfortable. After all, I am wearing one of my most favorite cardigans with one of my most favorite pair of pants. =)

On another note, I can't believe it's September 30th. Where did 3/4th of the year go by? It was definitely a very easy-go, laid-back year for me. I didn't go anywhere for the most part. Except for I spent a weekend in Baltimore, Maryland for one of my best friend's Wedding (which was a casual affair that took place in the form of a Picnic Reception at a beautiful Park), and as much as I enjoyed myself I got really tired from the 10-hour drive each way and from putting together all of her flower bouquets & arrangements. And, last weekend I was in Toronto, Canada for my first cousin's Engagement Dinner (which was as elegant, pretty and festive as a wedding except with a lot fewer people, the dinner was delicious though), and I did manage to do some sight-seeing and walk down-town with my wonderful parents. Rather than that, I have spent all this year in Dear Old Michigan which gets boring easily due to the long and dreary Winter and if you don't go out that much.

But Anyhow HAPPY OCTOBER ALL!! Before you know it, it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and then we're off to a brand-new year with brand-new wishes, brand-new goals and brand-new clothes (hopefully). =D

Hello & Goodbye to all of you Fellow Bloggers. I dedicate the following beautiful songs to ALL YOU, FASHIONISTAS of the World!!

Oh My God
Ordinary People
It's All About You

Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Monday of September 2010 and it's getting Cooler by the Day...

Sorry Bloggers and Blogging World, I have had an EXTREMELY BUSY last week. On top of working 2 jobs for four days in a row, I have been sick fighting a cold and I even managed to go to Toronto, ON, Canada this past weekend (I arrived back in MI from a 5-hour drive, past midnight, this morning.) I had to go to Canada as a family trip, because one of my first cousins got engaged not too long ago and his girl lives in Toronto. Her family threw an engagement party for the couple and the in-laws. So all families got to meet and greet each-other and on top of that we got to eat a 4-course fancy dinner with dishes such as Braised Duck, Sea Bass and Veal Chop, at a fine dinning Italian Restaurant in the chic, classy & ritzy Yorkville area down-town Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. It was an incredibly great party, filled with lots of loud but lovely music, fun and fantastic people, great delicious dishes, lots of desserts, candy, chocolate and cake. As soon as I got back, my parents and I had a good night sleep and it was back to Monday -- a regular, normal week which started with a regular, normal workday. And after working a typical 9 to 5 kind of day, I found time to stop by my local mall. I have been meaning to go to The Limited (one of my favorite stores) for the past few weeks now. Finally I went and I bought 3 elegant tops all on sale (one black, one white, one gray). I didn't have my coupons because there were a lot of things I wanted to get and I would have gotten them in the case I had my coupons. But I am going back for more "LIMITED" Shopping this week.  That's a given.

I also, took a ton of photos this past weekend in Toronto, especially at the Engagement Party. I managed to look cute, pretty & girly despite congestion, a red nose and popping dayquils & nightquils whenever I could (in order for my cold to go away.) However, obviously I haven't had time to put my photos on the computer even, as soon as I do I will post some. Meanwhile I am worried about getting better and feeling better. My lips are chapped and red, my voice is shaky and harsh. It doesn't help that it is only about 50 degrees outside and that I did a lot of walking out yesterday, down-town Toronto and I wasn't dressed warm enough for part of it. LOL

Also, I am currently working on two Fashion Projects I have thought about. I will talk more about this when I am closer to getting started on them and pictures will follow as well. =)

I didn't want to leave this post "blank" so I am actually adding a photo of my husband and I. He is currently in Spain with work now, so I miss him like crazy. Wish he was here...

I Love You & Miss You, Sweetheart.

P.S. Don't you love my hair at the photo above? So healthy, beautiful & nicely styled!! The length is perfect too. Long hair but definitely not too long, fresh caramel and blonde highlights, healthy & modern layers, and an elegant, simple overall style with my hair parted in the middle.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simply Chic LBD.

To me Fashion & Style aren't always about being Couture, Fashion-Forward, Avant-Garde, French or Harajuku Girl. Style and fashion doesn't have to be too complicated, over-the-top, luscious, full of the brightest colors or the most attractive accessories and lots of jewelry. At times these are good (don't get me wrong), but sometimes being understated, simple yet chic doesn't mean you have to be or are considered boring, unfashionable, old or whatnot. Sometimes less is more. Actually I would say most of the time Less is More. =) This is the case for the outfit below I wore recently to an Albanian Concert Party I attended with some girlfriends. It is a very simple Black shirt-dress, which (shirt-dresses) are very IN now and in my opinion very classy + classic and should always be considered crisp, modern & stylish. I also feel that the outfit fit the weather which has been a little chilly and cozy enough to wrap a sweater over your arms, wear tights with a dress or wear your leggings under a mini. I liked it, I hope you do, as well. To keep with the understated chic theme, I kept my hair natural (just down and flowing), my makeup bare and my jewelry minimal (you can barely see it.)
Black Shirt-Dress w/ its Own Belt: The Limited.
See-through, Black Tights: Ann Taylor.
Black Leather Mary Jane Shoes: Ann Klein.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last Bright August Day!!

It is so funny how the weather knows us so well. It knows when the calendar changes months and when seasons exchange hands. Now, in this Mid September Day 2010 it sure is and feels like Fall, here in Michigan. Though yesterday and today was pretty warm and the temperatures were as high as 73 degrees. I know I am very behind with posts of my outfits but even-though I have a ton of clothes, I work a lot (2 jobs) and I seriously don't have time to dress for fun and enjoy my style and my clothes (especially since one of these jobs involves a uniform.) Plus, it would require keeping a picture-camera diary every day and having someone available for a mini shoot every day. I wish I had all the time in the world because I LOVE DRESSING UP or dressing for my own pleasure. ;-) Unfortunately I don't have such a luxury. However, when I go out with friends, when I am hanging out with people, for a special occassion, a celebration, a family gathering, a birthday or whatever I am the first person you can count on that will bring the camera with her and obviously put it to good use, by taking a looooot of photos. LOL

So, with that said, these photos are pretty new but not brand-new. They were taken the last Sunday of August in Royal Oak, MI when I just hung out with a girlfriend of mine. We had sushi dinner @ "Little Tree" and then we went bar-hopping to a couple of places, enjoyed some wine and a couple of martinis. It was truly a very beautiful and really warm day out and this also reflected on my outfit choice. I chose to look elegant yet sexy, dressed up for fun. We spent some of the afternoon walking for a little bit as well as in the patio of one of the places we visited. But due to the really hot sun, we stayed inside for the rest of the evening. It was a fun day and I hope you enjoy the photos. =)

Black & White Ponte Mini-Skirt: Express.
Hot Pink, Ruffled, High Collared Halter Blouse: Express.
 Hot Pink/Purple Faux Python Clutch: Express.
Bangles & Bracelets: Charlotte Russe.
Diamond Rings & Wedding Band: by My Husband.
Flower Pearl, Crystal Ring: Forever 21.
Black Sunglasses: My Mom's.
 Blush/Nude Patent Leather Pumps: Apt 9 (by Nine West).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Black & White Minimalism, Soft Silouhettes, Airy Blouses, Nude & Gray. (By JILL STUART.)

Black & White Minimalism, Soft Silouhettes, Airy Blouses, Nude & Gray were Jill Stuart's Signature Moments for the Upcoming Spring & Summer.

I have always loved Jill Stuart as a designer. Her eye for style is minimalistic, fresh, simple yet very modern, easy, cool like a cucumber and definitely sharp. In the 2011 Spring-Summer New York Runway she proved her estetic once again. Her love of Black and White paired together showed, as did her love for the non-color Nude which we see her use very often in the clothes she designs. And whether we saw shiny silk shantung or modern suiting pieces which are more crisp and now, or cutesy blouses featuring birds and leaves or layers of chiffony skirts towards a more feminine and romantic side, just like with Lela Rose, Jill proved that fashion doesn't have to always be about Over-the-Top, because a lot of times LESS IS MORE. 

Below are her gorgeous, polished, chic & simple silouhettes with modern minimalism but maxi-ful of feminity & what would attract every modern woman to go after.

Her shoes (just like you can see above in the last 2 photos) are also very hot: so simple but so modern and pretty. Cool Pumps, Mary Janes & Booties in simple color-blocking done right (black, white, metallic gray & nude.)

Jill's Models were sporting bright orange-coral lipstick and simple buns knotted on top, with small wisps of air sort of flowing around the crown - again, her simplicity showed. I also adored the bright lips: orange, coral and reds were the lip colors used.

I left to show this dress the last because it is my favorite dress of hers in this entire collection. I love it. I want it. LOL Even better that it's a knit.
(Courtesy of Jill Stuart - above.)