Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween's Colors.

I wore this outfit yesterday for a Starbucks and Target run (Vivian got some new Outfits for the Holiday season). And as you can see I am wearing Halloween's Colors: Black, Orange and Purple. Well, my Cardigan and my Jacket are both a few lighter shades than the actual Halloween Orange and Halloween Purple but my bag is the perfect Bright Orange. Originally I was going to wear Black Flats but Miss Vivian chose my shoes for me and I couldn't say no to her. These Comfortable Little Pink Pumps worked out great with the Lavender Jacket, especially since both pieces are Suede and they matched the Little Dangly Light Pink Earrings I had on. I did have the jacket over my shoulders for when I was out since it was a little windy, but rather than that, the cardigan was perfectly warm enough. And I am wearing Culottes which I have had in my closet for years. I am glad they are back in style. Actually, I shopped my closet for this entire look, today. Are you wearing any Orange, Black or Purple this week, since it is Halloween week?

Lavender Suede, Long-Sleeve Jacket w/ Silver Snap Buttons: Express (very similar by Burberry, Splurge), (similar by Victoria Beckham, on sale, my favorite).

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