Friday, February 7, 2014

What I wore for Vivian's 1st Birthday and Family Photos.

Today is National Wear Red Day which is perfect for the Dress I wore for Vivian's 1st Birthday. You have been admiring the new photos I added to my layout so I am finally sharing with you this Outfit. =) This is one of the Dresses from my January Purchases. This would be perfect for a Valentine's Dinner Date. The Dress is a Bright Red with Black Lace Sleeves. It is Sexy but also very Subtle. It fits me like a Glove. To bring out the Black Lace, I have on Black+Nude Peep-toe Pumps. I am wearing a Silver, Statement-making Bracelet so my Earrings & Necklace have bling but are simple. I went all out with a lot more makeup than I wear usually & I even got my hair done in big curls. What do you think?
 Red, Body-con, Cocktail Dress w/ Elbow-length Black Lace Sleeves: A Local Boutique.
Silver Metallic Stretchy Bracelet w/ Sparkly Stones: Lord & Taylor.
Silver Chain Dainty Necklace w/ Sparkly Stone Teardrop Pendant: Fred's Jewelry.
Red+Silver, Wreath, Stud Earrings: A Local Boutique.
Black Satin & Floral Lace, Bow, Open-toe Pumps: Payless.

We celebrated Vivian's Birthday at a restaurant. We had a Fancy Dinner with Close Family. My husband and I wore Red+Black to match Vivian's Pretty Dress that she wore during the Dinner. But before going to Dinner we had some Family Photos at home, decorated with Balloons for our little Princess. I am sharing these photos with you today, though stay tuned for a detailed post on Vivian's 1st Birthday/her 12-month update. Note, Vivian wore a different Dress during the first part of the day. Enjoy the Photos!

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I am still very sick and so is Vivian and my Husband too. =( Vivian and I have laringitis. I also have bronchitis and I am fighting a bad cold. I am on the 3rd day of aching, high fever, a horrible cough, sneezing, headaches, dizziness and more. Thank God for my Mother-in-Law. I will be taking this weekend off from blogging and I will try to be back Monday but we will see. I really need to get some sleep and rest and beat this. Have a Great Weekend You All!!