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Flashback Friday: Favorite Summer Dresses of 2016, into Fall & Winter (pt. 2)

Today will be the last day of the Indian Summer we have been having this Fall. The high was 68 degrees and not only did a I wear a dress with bare legs in real life but I also shot some pictures with another Summery-feeling outfit (to be seen on the blog next week). Starting Saturday, temperatures will be close to freezing, with high winds and even snow flurries. Bring on the blanket scarves!

Hard to believe November is coming to an end and next week we will be eating turkey with mashed potatoes and stuffing our faces with dessert. Since November is also the last meteorological month of Fall and also what style magazines and style blogs consider as the end of Fall, I wanted to recap some of my favorite Summer Dresses of 2016 in this part two (you can read part one here) and show you ways, ideas and tips how to still wear some of your Summer Dresses into late Fall and even Winter. One word: layers. Scarves, jackets, cardigans, leggings and tights are the 5 crucial clothing items you nee…