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Saturday is for Vivian: 3rd Birthday, Part One.

Vivian was born on a Saturday, very early in the morning and at least for the first year of her life I did a monthly update on her growth, vitals and milestones each month on Saturdays. I called those posts "Saturday is for Vivian" because since Vivian's birth in 2013, Saturdays have taken a new, more important and very significant meaning to me. Well I haven't done a Saturday Special Vivian post in exactly 6 months and since today is the 19th (Vivian was born on January 19th 2013), it is the perfect time to do a little catch-up. I cannot believe my baby girl today is exactly 38 months old - the best 38 months of my life, I tell you. I look at her every morning while she is still sleeping and tell to myself "Life is Great!" Well, today, 2 months late I am doing a little recap from her 3rd Birthday. I decided to make it a two-parter because it would have been too long of a post with a million pictures, since we did a little celebration the day of her birthda…