Monday, June 25, 2012

A Modern Suit in a Modern World.

Hello all, how are you? I took the day off from Blogging yesterday. Didn't feel like blogging at all so I didn't write, post outfits or read any posts for that matter. I wish I could say I took the day off from work but naaah I had to be here from 3.00-10.00 PM and it felt like the longest evening ever. Before that, I woke up kinda late, did some work around the house, got some laundry done, polished up my closet a little bit and such.

I am having a case of the Mondays today. Half of my work-day has gone and boy has it been a busy one. Mondays usually are for my work, here at the office. We have a New Book Release Promotion/Dinner tonight but thankfully I won't be here for it. Not that I hate book events, just that it happened to be time for me to go home, so this time the other manager will deal with it.

Here is an outfit for you, wearing one of my most favorite things I own: this beautiful, elegant and modern Beige Linen Suit from bebe. ;-) I love this suit. It is the epitome of Class, Feminity and Chicness for me. It has this cool Patent Leather, Python Print trim around the edges of the fake pockets, on both the skirt and the blazer. I paired it with a Poplin Blouse that features a unique ruffly neckline, coming from one of my most favorite stores: The Limited, of course. I loved this outfit so much, I took a lot of shots with it. I am not even posting all of them, but here there are plenty of shots with this lovely outfit.

Wishing you All a Great Monday and a Great Start to this new, hot, Summer Week!!

3/4-Sleeve Beige Linen Blazer w/ Python Trim Pockets + Matching Beige Linen Pencil Skirt w/ Python Trim Pockets: bebe.
Kiwi, V-Neck Poplin Blouse w/ Origami Ruffled Neckline: The Limited.
Long, Skinny, Rectangle Earrings w/ a Dark Gray Stone: White House Black Market.
Olive Green, Rhinestone, Skinny Bangle (Left Hand): London Boutique.
Gold Pearl, Stretchy Bracelet (Right Hand): Express. 
Berry-Red, Smooth Lipstick: Revlon.
Light Olive Green, Shimmery Eyeliner: Flormar.
Black Patent Leather & Apple Green Faux Suede, Bow Ballet Flats: Simple Shoes.