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Pink and Purple Rain.

This is not a work outfit. This is rather a simple, every-day casual outfit, what I throw on during a cold, wintery day under my coat, gloves and scarf, when I am having lunch or a drink with a friend, when visiting someone, shopping or such. This is an outfit from early January, just days before I started my job and it was such a rainy day that day. Thank God for the bus. I put these bright colors on despite the rain, perhaps to brighten my mood (not that I was mad, angry or anything), just that a person's mood gets affected due to the weather - that we can't control most of the time.
I wore this outfit when I visited my oldest friend's parents. So this friend and I have been friends since we were super young, two and a half decades ago and we remain very good, close friends to this day. She is now married to an American guy and lives in USA (in Maryland; and of course I went to her wedding and even did ALL OF HER FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS including her gorgeous bouquet). Her …