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Thursday Moda #65: Pattern Plays in White.

May is usually the month to start wearing lots of white. But white can be dangerous (easy to spill alert) and hard to pull off (especially head to toe). I am myself doing an almost head to toe white, casual mom on the go look today, however I have a few patterns for a good mixture. I call it "Pattern Plays in White". And yes if you are counting I am wearing three patterns: the "Hello", Black+White Striped Graphic Sweatshirt, Floral White+Blue Tassel Scarf  and Black Floral Sunglasses.
I first saw this amazing "Hello There" Sweatshirt from Old Navy on the every-time stylish Katie from Hello Katie Girl and I literally went to my local store the next day but didn't find it. However, a week later I found only one and it was a small - my size. Though I own a few Old Navy sweatshirts and I want to say half of mine are an XS and half are an S size. I have worn the sweatshirt about 4 or 5 times since two months ago when I purchased it but never was able to sho…