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My 30 for 30 Items - Spring 2014 Edition.

I am so sorry I am posting late this evening. I was supposed to start with the first Outfit of my 30 for 30 which I announced on Saturday but life got in the way of blogging and my personal life always comes first. Blogging has to take a back-seat. I am a busy Mom-on-the-go, so unfortunately I rarely get to schedule ahead posts, but I applaud all of you who do. =)

Anyway, before starting with the first Outfit, I had to post the 30 items I chose for my 30 for 30 Challenge. And let me tell you since my closet and drawers (and boxes, for that matter) are overflowing with things, this was no easy task. I told you before that this challenge would have a couple of other challenges within it. First of all, it comes in late March (to get a head start, I started my challenge at the end of last month) and continues through most of April and these two months are so fussy, weird and uncertain when it comes to our lovely weather in Tirana. Temperatures can go from cold, to pretty hot, to warm, to c…