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Threefer Wednesday: Light Spring Knits.

Yep, light sweaters and light sweater dresses make another appearance on my blog this Spring since we did have some chilly, windy and rainy days in the last two weeks. From today's outfits and what you have seen lately around here, I have been doing a little bit of closet remixing also. Example, my Mint Sweater has been worn a few times this Spring looks 123) and today I also styled these Gray Leggings two ways: with the Mint Sweater and paired with a Light Olive Green Sweater Dress.

Black and Gray Accented with Gold. First up is this Gray+Black, Animal-Print Sweater Dress which I paired with my B+W Chanel-inspired Loafers, a Rose Beaded Necklace layered with the Gold Pyramid Necklace and some Gold Button Earrings. Simple Outfit to and from work and for the rest of my mommy+wife day. Vivian could not resist taking off my glasses lol. Glasses fascinate her, as does makeup. She likes jewelry too, especially statement necklaces. She is already a mini-fashionista! Gray+Black, Leopard/…