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April 2014 Reflections and Recap of the 30 for 30 Challenge with Top 3 Looks.

Today is June 2nd and I finished my 30 for 30 Spring Challenge hmmm a month ago on May 3rd. So this review and recap for this challenge and my Top 3 Looks from April (including the looks up to May 3rd, since they were part of the challenge) is quite late this time. But I have had a very busy Birthday month this past May, and I took 2 days off blogging pretty much every week. I say, better late than never.

On April 1st I started with the challenge where I first showed you all 30 pieces I selected and stipulated that I would wear my Nude Pumps and Rain Boots if necessary. I also mentioned that Puffer Vests and Winter Jackets such as Leather Jackets or Coats wouldn't count. I was able to actually create 35 Outfits worn in 30 days. Truth be told there were 38 but 3 ended up not being photographed not because I disliked them or hated them but one time Vivian managed to get a huge stain on my Chambray Shirt, other times I ran short on time or Vivian was sick so I couldn't really snap…