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27 + 28: Layers for Work and Black+White Simplicity for a Casual Morning.

I didn't mean to not post yesterday since I am still very behind showing ALL of the 30 for 30 looks (and after today, I still have about a dozen more). But I spent all day at home with a feverish little girl. She has a sore throat which caused high fever, therefore she is on antibiotics. I am so worried to leave her for a few hours at the daycare today, while I teach. Praying she will beat this very soon. Poor baby. =( Today marks October 1st and it's early morning here, as I am writing this post. I did it. I turned the heat on and it is currently warm and cozy at my home. Anyway, let's move on, because we got many things to cover today.
I wore this Outfit on a morning one day to run some errands first and then teach. But class was canceled. On my way home I ran into a friend and her little boy. I hadn't seen her in forever so we sat down for a cappuccino. I am glad this Tweed Hot Pink Skirt was finally on rotation for me to wear (meaning I forgot about it for a while l…