Friday, August 5, 2016

The first Weekend of August.

TGIF all. It has been the best Friday. I started the morning off with French Toast, French Fries and Flaming Fried Cheese "Opa" (I didn't mean for that alliteration, it just happened) for breakfast with my sweet Vivi and then we continued to have our special mother+daughter date. We had a manicure and pedicure, complete with a full body massage for me and later on we did a little shopping at Target. I got me some cropped seersucker pants and a pair of sandals on sale, a few goodies for Vivian and a gift for my sister-in-law who arrives to Michigan (for the very first time) tonight. We bought her a pretty dress she could wear to work and beyond and since Olive is a HUGE color this year and such an earthy, timeless, all-season color, I chose a dress in olive (pictured below). We ended our Mother and Daughter date with fro-yo from Menchi's. I posted a couple of pictures from today's adventures on my Instagram, here is a few more below from our day, today. =) How did your weekend start off so far?

What's on our plans for tomorrow?! I think I will be taking Vivian with her auntie to the new, grand-opening of our local "American Girl" doll store, at the mall. I think she will enjoy it, though I don't think she needs another doll lol. Ohhh and the Summer Olympics start tonight. Since I will be at the airport, I will miss most of the opening ceremony but hope to catch it 'On Demand'. 

Rather than that, I will be laying off and taking a little break from the blog next week. There will be an OOTD post on Sunday/Monday, two Fantastic Guest Posts on Tuesday and Wednesday plus an awesome giveaway on Tuesday. Then on Thursday, stay tuned for a brand-new Thursday Moda. You can still link your latest posts with my latest, brand-new Thursday Moda - thank you. Last but not least, I want to wish a very happy birthday to my father who is 65 years young!

Have a great first weekend of August everyone!

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