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Floral and White, Quite Simple Actually.

Ahhhh I love days when you don't have to be woken up by an alarm clock and even if you sleep passed 10 is not a big deal. Actually I woke up a little bit before 10 AM today, while husband was still sleeping. Took a shower and then ate some breakfast. After I washed the pile of dishes from the last couple of days, including from dinner last night. Speaking of dinner, I cooked an amazing vegetarian pasta dish yesterday. I kept track of the process and even took some photos so I will post that recipe, here, soon. After folding some clothes I checked my Facebook for a while while hubby was still sleeping. He stayed up late last night watching a movie, while I fell asleep early. For lunch today, I prepared a salad and we ordered fish. We are making it sort of a weekend tradition (especially during these last 6-7 weeks of my pregnancy) that we eat fish for lunch once on the weekends, either Saturday or Sunday. We have a place close by that sells fresh fish and they even cook it for you …