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Shades of Lavender and Layers of Warmth.

Hi Girls. What's new and exciting in your lives? How was your Valentine's Day? What gifts did you get and most importantly WHAT DID YOU WEAR? I will answer ALL of these Questions Myself when I post my Valentine's Day Outfit from a couple days ago. Meanwhile I am finishing up this blog, while at work. (I uploaded all the photos earlier in the morning, from my own lap-top, at home).

While it has been a Mild Winter in USA in general, especially in the Mid-West where it is usually freezing cold (I lived for 15 years in Michigan and Illinois - I know), it has been the opposite in Europe. Even the warmest of countries such as Mediterranean ones like Italy, Greece, Cyprus & Turkey have experienced super-low temperatures this winter, usually below zero degrees celsius and at times, snow, and not just a little snow. Albania has had a very cold winter too, including Tirana where I now reside. Tirana is known for mild winters however this year was an exception. While both far Sou…