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Red, Gold and Roses.

Hi all. It is Sunday and I will keep this short since I try not to spend too much time on Blogger, on my days off. We ordered fish for lunch today. Most of the places that sell fish here, offer to cook it for you. Some do it for free and some do it for about 1-2 bucks. It is worth it since fish is hard and messy to cook and you don't have to deal with the smell while cooking it. I also made a nice fresh salad and lunch was set. How was your Sunday, what did you do?

On to the outfit. This outfit I think looked better in person than in the photos. The rose-print pencil skirt has a shiny gold layer underneath so I wore these peep-toe plastic gold shoes to match it. I also wanted to bring out the red of the skirt more so I wore a red camisole under my black see-through blouse. I also did lace on top of lace with both of my tops. My jewelry was minimal that day, I notice.

Black, Nylon, See-Through, Ruffled Blouse w/ Lace Sleeves & Trim: Express. Red Stretchy Nylon Camisole w/ Lace Tr…