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Own Your Life - Poetry.

Sometimes I think about this, especially in this day and age. It is 2019 and we are so much "affected" and influenced by what we see, hear, watch, read, blog, google, etc. I mean besides the ever-growing days of social media and virtual marketing, now the word "influencer" refers to someone's job or profession if we can call it that. Whether we want to or not, what we see others doing, drinking, dieting, eating, buying, shopping for, exercising, applying, listening to, attending, etc, etc. affects us, our own lives, it affects our ways of living and our own experiences. So, in my own words, in a free-style I wrote a poetry about this. I think writing about these things especially as bloggers and some of us as Instagram micro-influencers and being open about these things is important, true and cathartic! So I did, I wrote about it! By the end of the poem, you will see that there is indeed a very positive message here and a strong, realistic one too! Hope you enj…