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Hot Pink Number.

Hello Everyone. I have been MIA for the past three days due to a combination of being on a little beach getaway (Saturday), taking a day off (Sunday) and working a lot, having a real busy and crappy work day (Monday). My work day hasn't been the best today either. My boss has had a really bad attitude the last week and a half. It shows in his face, in his yelling and shouting, in his choice of words. Of course being his right arm, I am usually the one that he takes his anger out, on. But really he has put so much pressure and bad attitude onto the emplyees, lately, too. It is awful. I pray for a better, calmer day tomorrow on Wednesday. Being the optimist I usually am, I can only hope. =)
Anyway, moving on to this outfit. I wore this dress to work on a Sunday where we also filmed a special for TV. They wanted a fun atmosphere and for that to reflect in the clothing too, so I picked a bright pink dress with a beautiful back detail and pockets. I love pockets in dresses and skirts, …