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Valentine's Day 2012. =)

Hi Girls. So this is the month I promised myself I would blog every day but what do you know, my lap-top decided to break on me. =P Technically the lap-top is not broken (thankfully), it is just the charger. We ordered a new one and should get it by Thursday at the latest. Until then I have been and will still use my work computer (shshh... don't tell) to give you some new posts and hopefully new outfits worth looking at.

I know you "were dying to see" what I wore this year for Valentine's Day. After all, during an earlier post last week I mentioned a certain pale pink mini-dress. So, today here you have my Valentine's Day outfit in all its glory. =) It is one of the fewest Valentines I did not wear Red (so expected and also SO MY COLOR!!) However I proceeded wearing something Red for the next 3 days in a row. I guess I celebrated Valentine's all week long. LOL And speaking of the day of Love, I received a gorgeous silver & pearl necklace (you will see in…