Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March Purchases.

March came and left and I did some major Jewelry Shopping this past month. Pretty much all of my new items were jewelry & hair accessories as you will see below, plus a couple pairs of tights. These were all for me. I got a ton of new, fun, colorful bracelets for Spring & Summer. It seems that out of all jewelry items, bracelets are the ones I have the least of so I added new ones. I also added some new earrings and some hair stuff. I love hair accessories besides headbands and have a ton of clips & claws already, but at great deals I couldn't resist. Plus I got 4 fun & colorful, thicker, ponytail holders. At the time I got these, I seemed to have misplaced all my ponytail holders and having a baby (with Vivian grabbing my hair the whole time when I hold her), my hair MUST always be in a pony or a bun. I later found my ponytail holders. I had a cleaning lady come over while I was at the hospital giving birth to Vivian and she had put my ponytail holders in a drawer somewhere, not in my vanity.

Not included in this month's budget (since that wasn't shopping for me) were all the things I got for Vivian as well as a gift for my Mother-in-Law (a nice, sturdy, Navy Handbag) and a gift for my Sister-in-Law (a set of Bracelets & a pair of Earrings which they both loved). We got Vivian 4 new onesies, a Piggy Bank, a Basket for her toys, a couple of new toys & a new dress while we went shopping with my husband. Also, on my own I purchased a bunch of headbands & hair clips for her (shocker!! lol), 2 pairs of tights & some new socks. I also got her a nice, Silver Baby Bracelet where I got her name engraved. So, in all, I spent over 200 bucks this month - quite e chunk of money. I think April will be pretty much a shopping-free month for me, at least for me. We will see. =) Below is everything I added to my jewelry drawer as well as my closet, this past month. In total I added 28 items (accessories) for a total of $115, and stayed within My Budget. So what do you think? You see anything you like? I must say, this month my favorite items I purchased are my Coral Earrings & all the Bracelets, especially the Twisted Gold-toned ones.

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