Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and More Pink!

WOW October 31st today, 2 more months left to this year and less than 3 months till my baby girl comes to this world. =) This year flew by, once again. But this Halloween is a little bitter-sweet this year due to the remains and causes left after Hurricane Sandy. I hope and pray you all and your families are safe and sound today, as I blog this. ...And, this post was interrupted, I am picking up from 3-4 hours ago. I had a busy work day, what can I say. It started with me coming in to work at 1.00 PM and going straight to a meeting that lasted over an hour. Then I had a work appointment, and after a couple of raports I had to get done by 5.00 PM and send via E-Mail, so this little post was ignored in the process.

Once again I am doing head to toe Maternity Wear. Actually this top has a cute pleated pattern around the chest area and it ties over my belly. I love the deep grape, purple color. In honor of Breast Cancer AWearNess for one last time this month I wore these chic, comfy, hot pink, leather loafers. To spice up this simple outfit I did some dangly earrings and a fun, beaded headband. =)

3/4-Sleeve, Simple, Cotton, Purple Maternity Top w/ Pleating Detail: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Wide-Legged, Comfortable, Ponte, Maternity Black Pants: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Grayish-Blue Stone, Teardrop Earrings w/ Silver Rhinestone Bow Detail: Fred's Jewelry.
Black Silk Headband w/ an Oval Beaded Pattern: New York & Company (NY&Co).
Hot Pink, Soft Leather Loafers: Micci's.
P.S. I am linking this outfit with Amy for Breast Cancer AWearNess Month.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Talk, Parantheses, Gray and Green.

It is scary THAT no matter how many thousands of miles away we may live from each-other, a major Cause of Nature (or Natural Disaster if you will), can affect the entire world. I have been reading a lot about Hurricane Sandy today and I even read an article where they broke it down by states. So far it seems to be affecting about 23 states of US, some lucky ones very little (Ohio, Illinois, Michigan), compared to others that are hit the hardest (New York. New Jersey, Maine, Maryland). It seems to be moving to Canada next. Seriously though as big as the world is, Mother Nature can truly do a number on us when a grave hurricane like this, hits. My heart and prayers go to all those families, businesses, cities, schools, etc. affected by this, especially the millions who do not have power. Hopefully by Thursday, most of it will be cleared, life will be back to normal (somewhat), flights will not ne canceled and such.

On a lighter note, here is my outfit for today. I am wearing Gray and spicing it up with some Green. =) The different shades of green (shoes & flower pin) do not quite match. They are both bright yet light enough colors, so they are not in your face. This skirt has been a life-saver for these last 3 months of my pregnancy (I should have worn it more often). I like the subtle sort of snake-print on it. And the pretty silver metallic sweater (a modern, relaxed style from Express - they have come up with a new version of this sweater the last 4 years or so) can and will also be a non-maternity clothing item that I can wear at least through the end of November, I think. =)

P.S. I just realized, there are a lot of parantheses on this post, oh well! =D

Off-the-Shoulder, 3/4-Sleeve, Silver, Metallic, Comfortable, Loose, Modern Sweater: Express.
Black + White, Flowy, Snake-Print, A-line, Silk Skirt: The Limited.
Teal Green and Mint, Big-Petals, Canvas Flower Pin: The Limited.
Silver Ring w/Iridescent, Multi-Colored, Large, Oval Stone (Right Hand): Lord & Taylor.
Fan-Shaped, Black Plastic Clasp w/ Silver Rhinestones: Bijoux & Accessories
Black Patent Leather & Apple Green Faux Suede, Bow Ballet Flats: Simple Shoes.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pastel Pink and Gray.

This Working Monday went by fast, guys. I will close my evening shift at work in less than 45 minutes. Before I know I will be home, cuddling with my current book and falling asleep. The weather is semi-rainy, drizzly and a little humid. It will be perfect for having a Great Night Sleep. And just as I am typing this, the rain is coming down heavily. There is a small window on the ceiling of my office and I can definitely hear it.

So this little rose-trimmed shrug and long T-Shirt both in Baby Pink match perfectly together, as a twin-set. Another thing I know is how well pinks and grays go together, so this is a Pastel Pink & Pastel Gray look. I added a little bit of a bright color in my shoes. I feel like the tops I am wearing are perfect to celebrate my upcoming miracle, my baby girl. =)

Baby Pink, Long, Breezy, Cotton Tee: Melon
Baby Pink, Rosette-Collared, 3/4-Sleeve, Cropped Cardigan: The Limited.
Sky Blue/Grayish, Cropped, Casual Pants: Old Navy. 
 Light, Pin, Drop, Silver Earrings: Express.
Hot Pink, Soft Leather Loafers: Micci's.
P.S. I am linking this outfit with Amy for Breast Cancer AWearNess Month.

Leggings, Tunic and Shrug.

Looking through my balcony's door, the sky is gray and there are little drops of rain on the ground. Maybe more rain is on the way after all the rain we had this weekend. It's the time for it anyway, it is after all Autumn. Speaking of rain, I am hearing of Hurricane Sandy from my family in USA, from the internet and on Facebook. When and where is it supposed to happen exactly?  I wish and pray for all the people who live in those areas of the East Coast that nothing of a great situation happens, that it is just a storm and some rain and that you are all safe and sound!!

On a rainy and somewhat chilly day, layers, leggings and boots are the right choice. When I bought this tunic on sale, a couple of years ago, it was a little large and loose on me. I liked the cute sleeves, beading detail by the loop neckline, the little ruffle on the bottom and the ivory color - which is a good neutral. Now, it is working great as a pregnancy piece. Of course I had to put on a tank underneath it. I wore a pair of faux jean leggings, my favorite Cognac boots and a cute little argyle shrug. Just a cute little headband and a sparkly bracelet in the accessories part, for me, today.

Soft Cotton, Ivory Tunic w/ Beading Detail on the Neckline & Ruffle on the Bottom: Arden B.
Long, Stretchy, Comfortable, Heather Gray Tank Top: Melon.
Short-Sleeve, Cropped, Argyle-Print, Light Wool Shrug: Express.
Indigo, Blue Jean Leggings w/ Zippers off the Sides: Miley&Max (Wal Mart).
Silver Headband w/ Cute Rose & Leaf Detail Off the Side: Kohl's.
Blue & Silver, Stretchy, Rhinestone Bracelet: Gifted from a Girlfriend.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.
P.S. Today I am linking with Patti and Molly for their Monday link-ups. =)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Charcoal Shirtdress.

Today has been a good day off. I didn't do much at all. I relaxed, read quite a bit off my curent book, and slept in for the most part. I didn't even get to cook lunch, since the two of us and another couple (friends of ours) went for lunch out, to a steakhouse. First as appetizers we had caesar salad and a fried cheese dish - Albanania's version of cheese sticks. Then I ordered the lamb chops which came with a small wedge of oven potatoes, grilled peppers & zucchini. I also had buttered spinach. I finished it off with a Crème Caramel. Everything was awesome. I had a little leftover and I took them home. I simply heated them and just had them for dinner. Tonight I got to catch up on the phone with one my aunts, a close friend of mine and my mom, all in the States.

Now it's time to post an outfit for today. Once again for the second time this month, I am wearing this shirtdress. I opted for a more casual, preppy, yellow belt this time, simpler earrings that also have a charcoal gray stone in them and my cute navy, peep-toe ballet flats. Once again I am makeup-free but I truly believe that despite wearing very little or no makeup during this pregnancy, this baby has given me an even more glorious smile, if you will. I believe in Pregnancy Glow, what can I say!! I hope I have it. =))

Dark Gray, Breezy, Empire-Waist Shirtdress: Calliope.
Skinny, Silver Rectangle, Drop Earrings w/ a Smoke-Gray Stone in the Middle: White House Black Market.
Wide, Twisted, Silver Bangle: The Limited.
White & Yellow, Casual, Stripped, Cotton Belt: Terra Nova.
Canvas, Black & White, Polka Dot, Peep-Toe Ballet Flats w/ Bows: Steve Madden.

My Baby Story: 26 Weeks and Gender Announcement!!

Good Morning on this lovely Sunday. I woke up fairly early considering I didn't have to worry about an alarm clock since I am off today, plus the time changed. We gained an hour of sleep. I slept a good 8-9 hours so I am good and ready to kick the day. =)

Speaking of kicks, I have felt the baby kick a few times last night and while sleeping, during the night-time. I guess the bigger the baby gets, the less room for HER to move around in. And yes, the cat is out of the bag. It's a girl!! I would have been extremely happy whether I was having a little boy, a little girl, or twins (I come from a family who has twins). But when I found out at 15 weeks, there was an 80% chance it was a girl, the motherly side of me and the feminine side of me became so emotional and my happiness went on an overdrive! We shared the news just with our parents and siblings and a couple of close cousins. We wanted to make sure it was a girl! On my next ultra-sound, she wasn't cooperating. Her legs were closed and she was sleeping so it was hard to see the gender. And finally on a third ultra-sound after that and during my 3D sonogram, it was confirmed that SHE WILL BE PRETTY IN PINK!! So, we later shared the news again with our family and close friends. We still haven't announced what we are having, on Facebook, and we probably won't. So you ladies get to find out sooner than when I was planning to tell you (she has another 12-14 weeks to arrive), but since you have all been so patient and kind with your wishes and have looked forward to me announce it, I promised last week - I would let you know. So during this month of October, in honor of Breast Cancer Month as well as in Honor of My Little Girl, I have worn a lot of Pink, whether full out, an item of clothing or a simple accessory like shoes. I have particularly worn a bunch of Baby Pink - eventhough it is a color I don't own a lot of, or wear often.

How Far Along: 26 weeks.
Total Weight Gain: 9  lbs.
Maternity Clothes? Yes, I broke them in a couple of weeks ago, especially pants. I still wear refular clothes about 50/50 though, especially tops. I own several things that are either empire-waisted or loose enough to go around the tummy and my chest.
Best moment this week: Finding out, we get a whole luggage of clothes for her, that my mom, dad & aunt have purchased in USA. We pick up the luggage from the airport, this coming Thursday and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE what's inside.
Miss Anything? Nothing in particular.
Movement: Yes, I have felt several kicks. She kicks more during evenings & night-time I feel like. I am guessing she has gained more weight since the last sonogram so she is getting bigger and stronger and more lively by the day. =)
Food Cravings: Steaks and beef, french fries, mandarin oranges (thank God these are out and are in season - so yummy), lemons, dried nuts especially hazelnuts, and briled chestnuts - which I have at least twice a week.
Anything making you queasy or sick? The smells of busses is usually something that makes my nose go "Yuck" and I have been more and more delicate towards cigarette smoking. I cannot stand its smell or smoke.
Gender: A Beautiful Girl.
Labor Signs: Hell No!!
Belly button in or out? In, very in. Looks the same as before.
Wedding rings on or off? On & loose. Half of the time, I keep my wedding rings on the middle finger, because it has fallen off my engagement finger a few times, especially when I shower, so I am afraid to loose them.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy about the baby usually. A little nervous that she will be here soon and it is almost November.
Looking forward to: Receiving her stuff on Thursday. I am also looking forward to lunch today. We are having lunch at a great steakhouse so it should be good.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Simple Maternity.

I woke up this morning with a burning, red eye. It is still red (like it's lined with red water or thin blood). I went to the pharmacy and they don't think it's "Pink Eye", but they were not sure what caused it: stress, allergies, staying for too long in front of the computer, something else?! They gave me some water solution so I can use these water drops at least for the next 24 to 48 hours. It has made me a little worried. I hope it goes away soon. It is definitely something I haven't experienced before, so I don't know.

In Today's Outfit you will see for the first time so far that I have blogged, Pregnancy/Maternity clothes on me. This is a very simple look, but it's comfortable, cute & put-together so I went with it. There aren't as many cute options of clothing or as many styles for when you are pregnant, so this works on a simple, sort of chilly Fall Day. =) I really like the tank with the small floral print. It's cute, comfy, 100% cotton and it lays on smoothly because it has a little bit of stretch. It is not Maternity, but it might as well be. I must say the flower stud earrings look exactly like the flowers on the tank. =) Even-though the overall feeling of this outfit is Black & White, I had a little bit of Pastel colors mixed with it: Lavender Necklace, Hot Pink Sunglasses & Baby Pink Moccasin Loafers.

Black+White, Small Floral Print, Scoop-neck Tank: Merona (Target).
Charcoal Gray, 3/4-Sleeve Maternity Flyaway Cardigan: Oh Baby, by Motherhood.
Wide-Legged, Comfortable, Ponte, Maternity Black Paints: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Long, Beaded Lavender Necklace w/ Magnetic Oval & Skinny-Square, Magnetic, Glass Stones: Street Vendor @ the Beach.
Silver, Flower-Stud Earrings w/ Little Pearls in the Middle: Parfois.
Pink, Plastic Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole.
Soft, Dusty Pink, Suede Moccasin Shoes: Payless.