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Mom's Must Have Summer Items Series - Week 2 WHITE TEE.

Hello everyone TGIF. This is my last Friday here in Albania for a long while, well until November at least. Vivian and I will be flying to Michigan through Munich (Germany), in 5 days. So this is the second Friday where I have paired up with Agnes  from Vodka Infused Lemonade to style another Summer item of clothing that we think each Mom should own in her closet. =)

This second week we are doing a Plain White Tee.Of course, every woman should own a Plain White Tee, probably two: a V-neck and either a Scoop-neck or a Crew-neck. I could have styled a More Classic Plain White Tee here, today, like a V-neck, but I took a different approach and styled a Tee I had been neglecting, a Scoop-neck, in a longer/Tunic style with a peek-a-boo back detail tied like a Bow.  In the Day Outfit, I am faking a Fitted, White Maxi Dress, pairing this Plain White Tee with a Tulle-Chiffon Skirt with a Big Ruffle on the hem. I wanted to be Girly and stay on the Pastel Color Palette so I chose Gold (Thong Sand…