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Geo Floral and the Most Wonderful 30 Months.

I was going to post this pattern-mixed outfit on Friday, but since it was a National Holiday here we decided to go to the beach - much better than blogging if you ask me lol. I am very fond of my new Neon Necklace, new Flower Neon Yellow Earrings, new Elephant Beaded Bracelet and in particular my new Pretty Tulip-Print Top.
My Sweet little girl Vivian had been MIA for quite some time from my blog. Well, today she makes an appearance which is a perfect way to honor her since she is exactly 2.5 years old or 30 months old today.
This is what I wrote earlier on my personal Facebook about her:  "30 months of Bliss! 30 months of Joy! 30 months of Laughter! 30 months of Happiness! 30 months of Vivian! 30 months of the Greatest, Most Unconditional Eternal Love!! Today Vivian is exactly two and a half years old. I couldn't tell you how time has gone. I couldn't tell you how often I have both cried and laughed for her and with her. But I can tell you the past 30 months have been THE …