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Earth, Fall and Rain.

I feel like when all else fails, most of us - if not all of us - talk about the weather. In this cleverly-titled post my "Earth" &"Fall" refer to the outfit while "Rain" refers to the actual weather.I know I know, I am SMART!!LOL From the moment I woke up today (and it was rough waking up, let me tell you) up until now that it is 4.00 PM, it has been raining non-stop. I have a small ceiling window in my office so I can definitely hear the drops and splashes. Now, the morning buss' schedules are heavy and super busy as it is, add rain on top of that and you got more people-filled busses and awful traffic, plus lots of muddy-stained shoes, boots, tights, pants, leggings or whatever else you are wearing on your feet and legs.

I am doing Fall-themed outfits this entire week, on top of the 5 posts I got for the Fall Colors Challenge. So, I figured the rest of the posts should showcase Fall Colors, Fall Layers, Cozy Outfits, Scarves, Boots and such. I t…

Fashion Fall Colors Challenge 2012: PUMPKIN!!

So, I woke up to a rainy, cold, dreary, gray morning. I also woke up to a cold, runny nose, fatigue and sneezing. I hate being sick. I have a weak immune system and it's easy for me to get what ever viruses, flus and allergies are flowing around. Fortunately, they usually don't last many days and are usually light, no fever. Carrying a baby now, every time I have gotten a virus or a cold during this pregnancy, I have been extra careful and quite worried. I have only drank lots of fluids, taken lots of vitamin C and just the one (soft) over-the-counter drug that is allowed for pregnant women. Anyway...

Yesterday was the third day of the Fashion Challenge and the color was Pumpkin. (Love that name, makes it more season-appropriate.) I don't own a lot of orange/pumpkin, but I still have a few pieces. I paired my pretty sweetheart-neckline, pumpkin tee with a classic and simple black cardigan, skinny black cords & comfy flat boots. You see it's the same silouhette as y…