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Thursday Moda #6 continues with Cold Shoulders.

Since last Spring/Summer a trend starting emerging in fashion: the cold-shoulder trend. Whether it was off-the-shoulder tops and dresses or cut-out shoulder tops and dresses, this trend came strongly into the fashion scene and it is even stronger this year in 2016. I actually do own a couple of floral off-the-shoulder blouses and a cold-shoulder sweater (in the outfit below) but all of those have been packed away in Albania. A few years ago I bought a cut-out black shoulder top and an off-shoulder black one with gold pinstripes (both from Express) but I think I have gotten rid of them since then. I never wore them that much and to tell you the truth I thought they were a trend I wouldn't see for a while. But boy was I wrong. The cold shoulder is back and better than ever. This time around, the tops are more loose, flowy and billowy and the dresses are easy, relaxed and Springy in babydoll or swing styles.

And this reminded me of this outfit which I have blogged a year and a half ag…