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Mom Wear to Work Wear: Silver Blazer for Fall.

Posting super late in this Monday night but better late than never. Here is another edition of a "Mom Wear to Work Wear" Outfit. Today I show you how I styled my Silk Silver Blazer for Fall. This Silk Silver Blazer has proved to be a very versatile piece in my closet. I even included it in my Spring 30 for 30 Remix.
So coming up with two very different ways to style my Silver Blazer for Fall was definitely easy, especially since I kept each look pretty Monochrome as you see. For the Mom Look I paired it with a Complimentary Silver+White, Floral-Print Silky Blouse (love this Blouse), a pair of Blue Jeans, my New Bobble Pearl Studs and my Silver Chandelier-Pendant Necklace. I finished off with my Wedge, Oxford, Blue Booties keeping the entire look Silver+Blue. I loved this Outfit so much that I re-wore it just 2 days later for the Saturday morning class I teach. All I did differently was switching up the Jewels. For the Work Look I wore it over a Gray Ponte, Sleeveless, Bodyco…