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It is Vivian's First Christmas!!

I Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas which was Bright with Open Hearts, Rich with Gifts, Satisfying with Delicious Food and surrounded by all your Loved Ones. It was Vivian's very First Christmas and in just 4 short weeks she will be the Big O-N-E. It is insane to think that a year has gone by since she has been part of our lives. Our Home and Our Hearts are richer, fuller and kinder because of her.

Just a few days before Christmas on December 22nd we had a little professional Holiday Shoot scheduled for Vivian, in honor of her first Holiday Season. We were supposed to have it a week sooner by another photographer who was very rude and canceled just 3 hours before the appointment. But everything happens for a reason. A friend of mine called one of her photographer friends who is really good. He squeezed us in last minute and even E-Mailed us these 10 Photos (I took a few with her too) less than 24 hours later. So, I am sharing these pictures with you because they are beautiful…