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Lots of Layers and Warmth with a Dress.

It's 10.30 AM. I have been awake for a good half an hour but I just left my bed & turned the heat on. It is a cold home in here. Plans for today: take a shower, cook some lunch, do dishes & (the one I loathe the most) take down the Christmas Tree. Yes you heard that right - I still have the tree & decorations up. I don't mind putting up the tree but taking it down is a hassle. I plan on taking down all the ornaments, empty it out & then husband can take the tree down & box it up.

This outfit is layered up, between the dress, scarf, belt, blazer, tights & hat, I felt both warm yet chic. I mixed & matched a bunch of Neutral, Earthy Colors like Brown, Gray, Khaki, Burgundy & Cognac. I defined my waist this time and I am much happier with the results than the first time around. You can tell I was happy in this outfit because I took a gazillion photos in it. I wore it to work for the first part of the day, then I added the hat (for more warmth)…