Monday, March 18, 2013

New Jeans, New Scarf, New Coat.

Happy Monday. Is it a new week yet? Time surely flew by. I am just looking forward to some sunshine around here since we have had a whole week of rain. Baby Girl has been feeling cranky and I think the weather has to do with it. Poor little girl, it took her 4-5 hours to fall asleep last night. She was finally down around 2.00 AM - quite late I know. At least during the day she is much quieter and happier. I was able to get a lot done around the house yesterday actually and having my husband home helped of course. Today will be a lazy day taking care of the baby of course, but also most of the free time I will spend blogging.

In today's outfit (worn the last day of February) I am wearing lots of Purple. I absolutely love this 3/4-sleeve sweater with the button detail going down each sleeve. It is a real light material and it's by The Limited. I have actually worn it several times but haven't photographed it much. These jeans I purchased in late Fall 2011 before leaving the States & it's my first time wearing them. They are between a boot cut and a bell bottom and I like the distressed look they have. So jeans you are "No Longer Neglected". The coat is also new (you have only seen it in my last couple of posts or so). I purchased it at the end of the Winter season last year. It's at this boutique called "A London Boutique" where all the clothing comes from London, England and I got it for around 70 bucks, 65-70% off the full price. This scarf in blues, lavenders and greens is also new. It is from my January purchases. It is the only Ikat-printed item that I own. Also, the blue hair accessory is newish (keeping with the new theme). Sorry about the photo over-load but Miss Vivian is in some of them, too. Also, excuse my gray hair, this was before I got it colored.

3/4-Sleeve, Light, Lavender Sweater, w/ Buttons across the Sleeves: The Limited.
Blue/Purple/Green Ikat, Light, Linen Scarf: A Scarf Boutique.
Boot-Cut, Distressed Blue Jeans w/ Fun Patch Pockets in the Front: American Eagle.
Periwinkle-Blue, Rectangle, Plastic Hair Clip: Carefour.
Magenta, Double-Breasted, Wool Coat w/ Black Buttons: London Girl Boutique.
Hot Pink, Soft Leather Loafers: Micci's.
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