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Thursday Moda #9 and a Peach Top (plus lots of Love).

Hi there. Happy Thursday Eve! There is so much I love in today's post. So there is a lot to get to.

Like I said, there is a lot I love today. I love my outfit. I love my co-host's outfit and style. I love these pretty Spring colors. I love the accessories. I love the new set of jewelry from Rockbox I received (that I am currently wearing). I love my new Dolce Vita Nude Wedges and my new Bright Orange Saddle Bag (both from Target). I love my hair and the fresh color I got (a red-ish dark brown). I love today's photos: they are crisp, clean and beautiful. I also love all the bloggers' outfits that I am featuring in today's post. And I love all of you who support my blog, like my style, compliment my daughter Vivian on a daily basis and come by here on Thursdays to linkup with me. I appreciate it. It was about 4 years ago, in Spring of 2012, that this little blog took off and I have had so much fun ever since. It is the best hobby, but also the most time-consuming one,…