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Mommy and Daughter in Bright Colors, Polka Dots and Neon Splashes.

This is a photo from my second Mother's Day next to my Beautiful Daughter who is now a Toddler (still a baby though in many ways), before going out as a family. =) Speaking of Vivian, my Sister-in-law found out about a little contest about the Most Beautiful Child and she insisted I submit Vivian's photo for it. It is a fun, little contest going on right now in honor of National Children's Day which is on June 1st. All we had to do is submit a photo of Vivian through a Facebook page and the picture that get the most likes will win. The prize is a painting portrait of the child by a very talented, well-known artist. So, this is the first time ever I am asking this kind of favor, but if you have a Facebook account, please click on the link I provided below and press Like on my Vivian's photo. Thanks so much. I appreciate all the support. =)