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Pretty in Purple for Laura's Birthday.

Hello Bloggers, Friends, Fans & Fashionistas. I have been M.I.A. I know. I do apologize but I work 5 full daytime shifts and 5 (shorter) evening shifts so as you can tell my time is quite limited. LOL

So, this blogging thing is seriously a lot of fun but it requires A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF TIME to do, whether it is time to take photos (and a person to take my photos, as I still can't manage self-taken pics because I don't have e Tripod), or time to pose, as well as time to write, upload the photos and basically blog about my outfits. And though I find time to check out and read other blogs, I still as of now November 11th 2010 don't have enough time in my day, my week, my month, my life to do this blogging thing every day. I am sorry. I am shooting for 2-4 blogs weekly, soon, but I know that with my crazy work schedule and working two jobs, my schedule will only get busier and crazier now during the Holiday season. But here is me tempting to blog nevertheless. =P
I do dres…