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Vegetarian, Very Easy-to-Make Summer Salad.

Today I am sharing a simple but very healthy salad recipe with you. This is one of the many salads I eat on the daily, especially during the warm Spring+Summer months. I make different versions of this salad or other similar ones. I finally remembered to take pictures and share one of my meals with you.

Ingredients (all fresh and organic) for a 2-person serving:
-Romaine Lettuce (about 6-7 oz), -Parsley (a small bundle, about 2 oz.), -Vine Tomatoes (2 medium-sized tomatoes), -Cucumbers (one medium-sized cucumber), -Strawberries (8-9 big strawberries), -Lemon (half a lemon), -Extra Virgin Olive Oil (about 2 soup spoons), - Grated Parmesan Cheese (about 2 soup spoons) -Salt (a pinch), -Black Pepper (a pinch).
After washing well all the vegetables and fruit, I chopped the tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries into medium-sized pieces. I used my hands to chop/piece the romaine lettuce and parsley. Then I mixed them all into my bowl. I then grated some parmesan cheese, I am not sure how many…