Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vegetarian, Very Easy-to-Make Summer Salad.

Today I am sharing a simple but very healthy salad recipe with you. This is one of the many salads I eat on the daily, especially during the warm Spring+Summer months. I make different versions of this salad or other similar ones. I finally remembered to take pictures and share one of my meals with you.

Ingredients (all fresh and organic) for a 2-person serving:

-Romaine Lettuce (about 6-7 oz),
-Parsley (a small bundle, about 2 oz.),
-Vine Tomatoes (2 medium-sized tomatoes),
-Cucumbers (one medium-sized cucumber),
-Strawberries (8-9 big strawberries),
-Lemon (half a lemon),
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil (about 2 soup spoons),
- Grated Parmesan Cheese (about 2 soup spoons)
-Salt (a pinch),
-Black Pepper (a pinch).

After washing well all the vegetables and fruit, I chopped the tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries into medium-sized pieces. I used my hands to chop/piece the romaine lettuce and parsley. Then I mixed them all into my bowl. I then grated some parmesan cheese, I am not sure how many ounces it was, but it ended up being two spoons of it. Using a salad tong I mixed the cheese into the rest of my salad. I then added about 2 to 2 and a half spoons of extra virgin olive oil to my salad, mixing it well. Then, I took my half of a lemon and squeezed it into my salad and I mixed it all, some more. Last I added a pinch of salt and (black) pepper to taste. And of course I usually eat my salad with a few slices of Italian bread. We usually buy a loaf of that each day. 
The sauce or dressing created using the extra virgin olive oil and lemon, especially with the crunchy taste of parsley in the mix, is delicious. This salad is so fresh, healthy and good. My version is vegetarian but minus the cheese and it is just as good for a vegan. And if you like you can also add grilled chicken, grilled tuna, grilled salmon or a skewer of grilled steak to it. I have tried this same version with chicken and tuna, too. 

Now as far as the size, my portion above makes a good side salad for two people or using the same portions of each ingredient, it would make a good size meal salad for you. Try it and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Happy Hump Day You All! I am soaking it all in at the sea, as you read this.