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Thursday Moda #28 with my Sister in Law, in Royal Oak.

Happy Thursday everyone - the 2nd one of September as hard as it is for me to type this because I cannot believe it. Christmas is not too far away. Yes, I said it. Welcome to another Stylish Thursday Moda where today I have a very special co-host (sort of) whom I have known since she was 17, my sister in law. As you know she visited us in Michigan the first couple of weeks in August. Today's post and photos are perfect as a salude to Throwback Thursday since they were taken exactly a month ago, in the beautiful city of Royal Oak, Michigan - a city known for its down-town and life, filled with lots of bars, restaurants, a few fun boutiques and even an old-fashioned movie theater.
Royal Oak was the first city we visited, less than 48 hours after she got here, on her first weekend to Michigan. It is hands-down one of my favorite towns in Michigan and if you ever visit MI, I suggest you add it to your must-visit list. We did a little shopping at a boutique there called Pitaya which has…