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Mummu?! Dress?! Why Stress?!

Good Morning Friday!! It is chilly out there. It was cold last night. But between noon to 4 is actually pretty warm, only light layers are needed. It was a calmer, less busy day at work yesterday. It gave me a chance to catch up on a lot of the many blogs I read. I got some ideas for outfits for myself. At the same time I started looking into favorite weekly outfits from the fashionable ladies I follow, making myself ready for the second installment of "Week's Best Looks" this coming Sunday. =)

This outfit is from a warmer day last week. But once again the weather lied to me, because later in the afternoon it cooled off. Ehhh, we can't win, can we? =P I Have had this dress for a few years. I bought it because I loved the color and the easy-breezy style of it and ohhh it has pockets - I love pockets and a lot of times (with skirts and dresses) they are reason enough for me to purchase that item. But you could be the skinniest person ever, and because of the style of t…