Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wintery Blue and Olive Green.

So here is a cozy work outfit during a cold late winter day. =) I must say as much as it has been a real mild, warm winter in USA this 2011-2012 season, it was quite the opposite in Europe, including in Tirana (the capital of Albania, where I reside). Tirana hasn't seen such a cold winter in at least 5-6 years. Yes it didn't snow (it almost never snows here), but it started to snow at least 3 times (more like flurries), and despite the no-snow business, it was still BELOW ZERO quite often, with frozen streets and cars in the morning. In a day like that I bundled up in thick tights and a turtleneck. This outfit "is left behind" from early March (since my laptop has been messed up for close to two months now), but I like the outfit and the colors (and how I accessorized it) so here it is for you guys. =)

Before I leave for today I want to wish you all A VERY HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND!! Spring is finally here. The April showers of this week, have certainly convinced me besides the sunshine (some mornings) and the warm afternoons. =D

What are your plans for Easter and furthermore do you have anything special or pretty planned for this Spring 2012?1 Any fun trips in your near future?!

(Ahhh I wish I could travel somewhere for a week or so with my hubby. *sigh*)

Royal Blue, Turtleneck Sweater w/ Ruched Sleeves: The Limited.
Forest Green, Corduroy Skirt w/ Metallic Buttons (Down the Front): Calliope.
Thick, Navy Tights: Pompea.
Olive Green OBI Belt: Piazza Italia.
Very Light, Heart-Shaped, Blue, Plastic Earrings: H&M.
Silver Dragon-Fly Pin w/ Silver & Pink Rhinestones:Forever 21.
Black Headband with Large and Smaller Tulle Rosettes (Off to the Side): The Limited.
Faux Suede, Flat, Navy Booties: Forever 21.
P.S. I Happen to like the messy location (of our storage room at work) of these photos. It sort of makes for an industrial mini-shoot. LOL