Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy 1st Mothers' Day to Me!!

With My Baby Girl less than an hour after she was born, around 4.30 AM on January 19th 2013, Saturday Morning.
With My Baby Girl a Day after My Birthday, on May 5th 2013 AM time, when she was 15 weeks old.

Time was 3.40 AM, Date was January 19th 2013, Day was Saturday, Weather was Cold & Rainy, Place was Tirana, Albania (Europe). That is when I became a Mommy to thy Sweet, Wonderful, Tiny, Perfect, Gorgeous Creature we named Vivian. I was tired, exhausted, sleepy & in pain but my heart was beating strongly & I felt the Happiest!! Getting to see, touch & hold My Baby for the first time was the most beautiful, most raw emotion. Vivian Dhima Thank You for making me THE HAPPIEST!! There is no bigger Joy in my life than being your Mommy!! I Love You more each day. I Smile more with each smile you give me. I get happier every day because I get to see you grow healthier, stronger, prettier, full of sass & personality. Thank You Baby Girl for making this mamma one happy babe!!

When I announced My Pregnancy last August, I knew I was super happy & excited. What I didn't know was how much this Joy & Excitement would grow, multiply & increase times a million, once I had that baby & once I would be able to call Myself a Mom. I am now someone's mother. For 16 weeks or 112 days to be exact I have been Vivian's Mommy. And she is truly THE BEST thing that has happened in My Life not just this year. She is the Most Precious Gift, the most Darling Daughter, the Sweetest Sweetheart, the Most Beautiful Person I know, the Most Important Person in My Life. That Sweet Little Baby Girl means everything to me. I celebrate today because of her. So, Happy Mothers' Day to Me!!

I also want to take a minute to wish all of you Blogging Mothers a Very Happy Mothers' Day today filled with Joy & Love brought to you by your children & significant others. May you always live & experience days like this, full of Laughter, Happiness, Smiles, Gifts, Surprises and Lots of Love!!

Well, and since this is a Life & Style Blog, I also want to focus a little bit on the Style part. I was pregnant from May of last year until January of this year. During that entire time (except the last 3 weeks before I gave birth), I was working, so I had even more reason to look nice, pretty & presentable while pregnant. Below I made collages of My Pregnancy Style featuring all the different Dresses - needless to say I wore many Dresses, wore them often while Pregnant (none of which were Maternity), staying within My Dresses themed-week. I hope you liked My Pregnancy Style. What do you think? Enjoy! =)

Dresses from left to Right, Top to Bottom: First 3 are Express, then Ann Taylor Loft, Forever 21, Banana Republic, The Limited, Mango, Express, The Limited & Bisou Bisou.
Dresses from left to Right, Top to Bottom: Calliope, The Limited, Ann Taylor Loft, Armani Exchange, Old Navy, Express, Old Navy, H&M, Express, Arden B, Pink Shadow.
Dresses from left to Right, Top to Bottom: Line 1900, Express, Express, Bisou Bisou, Express, Banana Republic, T Box, H&M, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft.
Dresses from left to Right, Top to Bottom: Ann Taylor Loft, T Box, Banana Republic, Bebe, Pink Shadow, Express, The Limited, Calliope, The Limited, Old Navy, Koton.
Dresses from left to Right, Top to Bottom: First 2 Express, then The Limited, Arden B, The Limited, Forever 21, Bebe, Arden B, The Limited, The Limited, Old Navy.

P.S. Now after posting these collages, I am noticing that I posted a few repeats. Oops, sorry about that. Anyway.

Once again I am closing off today's Mothers' Day Post with Pictures of this Sweet Little Face, below. Have a Happy Day, Today ladies & a Great Weekend!

Mommy Loves You so Very Much. Te Dua Shume Zemra Ime, te kam Shume Xhan. (This last sentence was in Albanian).