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Neutrals in Layers and a Vivian Update.

First of all, these photos/outfits of Vivian and I are a few weeks old, just when I started wearing the 10 items I chose for the Top 10 Remix with Sarah. The Outfit is just OK: some Creamy Neutrals with a pop of Navy and Burgundy. It kind of feels Fall-ish though trust me it was worn in very early Spring. It is good for today and to link up with Carrie and Whitney for the Create 28 which after Stripes, the theme was Skirts. Actually my Pencil Skirt (Top 10 item) has those asymmetric Navy Pleated Stripes, on the front, also. But I happen to love Vivian's Outfit and these pictures of her from that day. Since Vivian has been MIA on the blog mostly this month and I haven't done a recent update on her, I figured I should post this today on the last Monday of April (whaaaat?!)
Vivian absolutely loves a picture camera, especially the flash light part and to click the buttons on it lol. These days she is more about being behind the camera (i.e. messing with it and being curious about …