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Mom's Winter Must Haves: Puffer Vests.

This week LAURA from I Do DeClaire and myself are back for our second installment of Winter Must Haves for Moms. Today's item is Puffer Vests and out of all the Must Have Items we will bring you in this series, this has got to be one of Our Favorites. Laura has already a great collection of Puffer Vests (and she has shown you a lot of them on her blog, already), while I am still working on mine. ;-) Last week we styled Cozy Sweaters and Sweater Dresses. We will be taking next week off to celebrate Christmas but we will be back with our feature on a New Year, on January 1st. We have lots more Fun Outfits to show you, featuring our Must Haves so stay tuned. Like I said we love Puffer Vests. But, seriously it is crazy how much alike we thought in styling our Vests this week, since we both chose Jeans, Cardigan Sweaters & Button-up Shirts (layered under the Cardigans). Laura's Vest adds a great pop of Bright Color to these gray Winter days. She added more Color via her Paisley …