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Skirtmas in July, Day 12: That's a Wrap + Skirtmas Linkup.

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!! If you follow me  on Instagram you know from my posts that I have been on a beach vacation with my daughter Vivian, visiting Holland and Grand Haven, Michigan. We saw so many beautiful places: buildings, historic things, flower gardens, water fountains, sculptures, street art, lightouses, etc, etc. Western Michigan is truly beautiful! We had a lot of fun. But 5 days went by super quickly. I drove home late last night, had dinner and went to bed so I am finally writing today's post kind of late this morning. But it is Day 12 of our #SkirtmasInJuly series with ELSIE from Polished Whimsy - our last day of this awesome collaboration and style challenge series we have done all through this month. Hard to believe it is July 31st hmmm?! 5 more months left in 2018!!
For the 12th and Final Day of Our Skirtmas in July series Elsie and I are styling Wrap Ruffled Skirts which is fitting because A) it is a Wrap and B) our first two style posts on this series fea…