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Saturday is for Vivian - 6 Months Update.

It has been a long while since I last updated you om Vivian. This post to be exact. These monthly Baby updates are very time-consuming, since I also include a lot of photos so writing these posts takes time. I feel a little shame to write her 6-month update just now, but I am still very committed to writing these posts about her, even if they may be late. Better late than never. To read all about Vivian look under My Baby's Story Labels to see each monthly update. Also, stay tuned next Saturday for a post about her 7-month update. =) Thank you ahead, for reading.
Vivian's 6 month Birthday was spent a little bit differently. This is the first Birthday she spent in USA, rather than Europe where she was born. It was also the first Birthday she spent with My Parents & My Brother. Her Grandparents & Uncle were so happy to see her and participate in this Special Celebration. They are filled with Joy to have her in their home for a few months. This Birthday was extra special …