Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday is for Vivian - 6 Months Update.

It has been a long while since I last updated you om Vivian. This post to be exact. These monthly Baby updates are very time-consuming, since I also include a lot of photos so writing these posts takes time. I feel a little shame to write her 6-month update just now, but I am still very committed to writing these posts about her, even if they may be late. Better late than never. To read all about Vivian look under My Baby's Story Labels to see each monthly update. Also, stay tuned next Saturday for a post about her 7-month update. =) Thank you ahead, for reading.

Vivian's 6 month Birthday was spent a little bit differently. This is the first Birthday she spent in USA, rather than Europe where she was born. It was also the first Birthday she spent with My Parents & My Brother. Her Grandparents & Uncle were so happy to see her and participate in this Special Celebration. They are filled with Joy to have her in their home for a few months. This Birthday was extra special not just because it was the first one in the States, but also because 6 months is a big deal. She is already half a year old. So far, I have taken her photos by the Pink Boopy Pillow, each month, beside her Favorite Stuffed Doll & her Favorite Stuffed Bear. I had to improvise while I am here in Michigan since she is bigger and I don't have the pillow. I choose one of my own Stuffed Bears that I used to have when I was a kid (the large Brown Bear with the Red Bow Tie, which you see in some of the pictures).

It is hard to believe by looking at these photos of how much she has grown and how quickly 6 months have flied by. She has more than doubled her weight since she only weighed 6.6 lbs. when she was born. Her hair has gotten so much longer, though she was born with lots of hair. Her hair also was Black at birth, but it has gotten lighter, it is more like a Medium to Dark Brown, now, like a shade of Chestnut. Her eyes are still such a Pretty Blue Color but have become a deeper, darker Blue with a little bit of Gray. And she is more energetic than ever. It is so hard to keep her in one place.

At 6 months old Vivian tried for the first time the jumper or jumperoo that my parents bought her and she seems to love it. She is on top of her toes jumping on it, sometimes as long as 30-40 minutes at a time. It keeps her very active and it makes her stronger. It helps to build her legs, back & lower body. Sometimes she uses up so much energy and gets tired jumping, that she falls asleep on it. It is the cutest thing to see her little head fall down. This girl is now so sassy & feisty that even changing a diaper becomes difficult because she rolls over from her back to her tummy in just a second. She still hates it when I dress her from head to toe. She hates having clothes on top of her head and when I grab her little arms to put them into sleeves. And she is not so much a Socks' or Shoes' Lover because the first chance she gets, she lets her feet free and gets rid of them. But she has become a better sleeper, not just at night, but at this point she takes 1-2 hour naps at least once a day. These naps give me a breather to spend some time cleaning, working, watching TV, catching up on E-Mail, blogging or whatever else I need to do. Sometimes, I too, take a nap.

I started giving her some solid foods like mostly Fruit & Vegetable Purees or Sauces. It is funny to see the first bite she takes, because it looks like she is not sure whether to like it or hate it. But after making a face, she proceeds to eat them and is usually a pretty good eater, not picky so far. She sure didn't take after me, because as a baby, toddler and young child I was super picky and my most parents always had a hard time feeding me. But, her favorite spot still seems to me my boobs. She is the happiest and the most comfortable when I breast-feed her. I love watching her when I nurse her, especially late at night, after my Mom & I bathe her, because that's when she rests and falls asleep as I feed her. Also, she looks so Pretty, Happy & Peaceful when she is down for the night.

My little peanut is not so little anymore. Vivian grows like a weed, every day and you can see the difference each month. She is Happy, Healthy & full of Life. She brings Joy & Smiles to my life, each and every day. She is a Real Blessing!!

Every month we take pictures of Vivian with her 2 Favorite Toys: Her Doll Pipi (I named her that since she looks like Pipi Long-stocking) & her Bear Ted (from the Disney Movie).
Also, each month on her Birthdate, Vivian gets a new Toy, usually a Stuffed Animal. For July it was an Angel Tweety Bird, which is Bright & Sunny just like she is. =)
For the past 6 months, she is the main reason why I glow and I am so Happy. Sure, my Husband is a big part of it, but truly Vivian is the Real Sunshine of My Life!! She is a Real Joy to have and every day I feel luckier and luckier. =)
Her 6th Birthday Cake is a little different. It says "Welcome Baby Vivian" because it was her first time visiting America and therefore it was also her first Birthday in USA. We added the "6" candle for her Birthday. My Family ordered this from one of the best Bakeries in Michigan. It was as delicious as it looks. I loved the Baby Pink Ribbon Bow around it.
Vivian showing off her personality. Her name totally matches her personality. Besides being Beautiful & Healthy, she is a Sassy, Playful & Smiley Little Girl, and that makes me so Happy. =)
These are the cutest little feet in the world. I love them and those chubby little thighs. Ahhh, I am in love. I kiss those legs & thighs all the time. I want to eat her up - she is THAT CUTE!
Vivian looks so happy to see her Grandparents (from her Mom's side of the family) for the first time and as you can tell she has brought so much Joy to them, as well.
Vivian's Outfits:
White, Poplin Dress w/ Coral-Pink Butterflies: Carter's (Gifted from My Cousin & his Fiance).
Wide, Stretch-Knit Headband w/ Large Rose: Wal Mart.
White Ribbon Bow Pin w/ Coral Polka Dots: Wal Mart.
Wide & Baby Pink Sandals: Gifted from one of My Best Friends.

White & Lime Green, Short-Sleeve Onesie: Local Children's Boutique.
Yellow & White, Floral, Poplin Tunic: Carter's (Gifted from my Aunt).
Hot Pink, Cotton Shorts: Carter's (Gifted from My Cousin - part of a 3-piece Outfit).
Yellow, Stretchy, Lace, Bow Headband: Wal Mart.
Purple & White, Stripped, Cotton Socks: Wal Mart.
Magenta, Corduroy, Mary Jane Shoes w/ Owl Faces: Meijer's.

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